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Our Staff

Even though we are psychological and educational professionals, we are also just people who want to make life just a little bit better for our community
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Todd Welton-Oreggio
BA(Hons) MA

Todd grew up around horses and therefore knows the friendship, knowledge and love they carry. 

He may now have swapped his jodpurs for jeans but he still wears his love for horses on his sleeve and this can be seen within every activity he leads. 

Todd began lecturing psychology over 23 years ago and hopes that he now knows how to convey the important messages, but none of us ever stop learning, that is what gives Todd hope and belief in this world.

Marcella Welton-Oreggio
BSc(Hons) MSc

Marcella's first introduction to horses was at the shed. When I first proposed the idea of using horses within our mental health pathway, as a then health psychology postgrad, she did give me a second glance but since has never looked back. 

When you come to the stables you naturally find an affinity with one of the girls, Marcella's is Melanie. Like Melanie, Marcella is fiercely independent but equally is a natural matriarch and mother.

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